Hey, I’m Neetu – a writer, consultant, world wanderer and most importantly, a mom to my two amazing fur babies!

I am a true believer that every person should live the life they love, and love the life they live. Spend time and money on experiences rather than things, create memories that will last a lifetime and cherish every moment life brings you!

I didn’t always follow my belief of living and loving life or spending money on experiences versus material things. Working in the ever changing world of corporate communications at a time when social media was being tested in the workplace and  digital communication was evolving required long hours and little time for self-care.

It wasn’t until I started working from home full-time that I realised work-life balance existed and it wasn’t just a myth; but a reality that I could have! I thought that I would finally have time for myself and get things on my ever growing ‘to-do’ list done and crossed off but boy was I wrong. My life turned into procrastination at its finest with so many distractions and as a result, my ‘to-do’ list just kept growing (and it keeps getting longer).

Although I may not get through my growing ‘to-do’ list anytime soon, I am focusing on the things I love such as traveling, spending time with family/friends and most importantly, writing so I can share my story and experiences with the world in the hopes of making a difference for even one person who reads this blog!

Take a leap of faith, try new things and turn some day into TODAY! I truly hope you enjoy reading my stories and look forward to reading yours too!

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