My Bucket List

You always hear people say things like “Oh that’s on my bucket list” or “I’m adding that to my bucket list” but how many people have actually written out their bucket list? I used to be one of those people talking about my ‘bucket list’ but I was always adding things to it, and never really crossing things off.  And to be quite honest, I could never keep track of what was on it because it just became this thing that I was creating in my head but had no idea if I would ever get around to making it come to life.

So finally, during the holidays in December, I hibernated and spent the day typing out my bucket list which ended up being 11 pages long! That’s right – an 11-page bucket list of things I want to do, places I want to visit, things I want to see and everything in between! I know some may never happen but hey, a girl can always dream and why not write it all down so I don’t lose track – never know when I might end up in some exotic place I’ve never heard of with the most beautiful view to go zip-lining!

Anyways, now that I have my bucket list all typed out, its time to start crossing things off (and sometimes adding more) and although I have started to make a dent into the list, there is still lots to do and see! And as I complete each item on my list, I will be sharing the experience with you and hopefully, inspire you to also go out and cross something on your list!

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